Outdoor electric PERGOLA series belong to a new generation of outdoor electric awning series. TOSCAN pergola is currently the only domestic product with large-scale outdoor electric technology. PERGOLA series products are integrated with European and American design concepts, used with aluminum alloy profiles and with special processing, they have excellent performances such as heat insulation, sun protection, rain resistance and wind resistance. At the same time, they have a more stylish appearance, wider space, and more stable structure. Doubtless they are the best choice for life. At present, the PERGOLA series includes outdoor electric track pergotek, outdoor electric curved track pergotek, outdoor electric louvered pergolam, outdoor electric canopy and other products. They are suitable for high-end hotels, star restaurants, high-end clubs, fashion bars and other commercial places, terraces, swimming pools, courtyards and other luxury residential places, as well as large resorts, gardens and other outdoor projects.