Product Service

Professional R&D
Design Center
Established a China R & D design center in Guangzhou China, and an international R & D design center in France. It is in line with international standards and brings together the most professional top industry talents to develop and produce high-quality awnings that perfectly integrate technology and life. Let the public enjoy the happy hour under the awning.
  • R & D patents
    16More than
  • qualification Certificates
    30More than
International professional
R & D team
We have a well-known outdoor sunshade design research and development team from Europe. We continuously absorb the most advanced sunshade concepts from Europe and America and integrate them with the latest sunshade technology. We use technology to create quality and continue to develop sunshade products suitable for modern outdoor life, leading the industry development.
The largest outdoor awning
manufacturing base in South China
Greenawn is headquartered in Guangzhou and has a factory area of 10,000 square meters. It is currently the largest outdoor awning production research and development base in South China. The factory introduces international advanced assembly lines and large-scale production equipment, and implements a standardized management system. The series of products have passed multiple rights certifications, and the product quality has been recognized by the European Union. Greenawn is currently the only company in China that has technology of large-scale outdoor electric pergola.
Production capacity
    • Annual production capacity of awnings
      20thousand sets
    • Annual production capacity of pergolas
      5thousand sets